Original oil paintings and art prints, featuring Florida and North Carolina scenes by professionally trained and experienced artist Linda Relis. Commission work, workshops and classes available.

* Starred items are available only as original oil paintings. Prices on request.


Wind Beneath My Wings

Look Into My Eyes

White Ibis

Hornbill Goes a-Courting*

Flamingo No. 3*

Gracklin' Rose*


Flying High*


Roseate Siesta

Father on Guard

Bonded Pair

Moluccan Cockatoo*

Catch of the Day

New Generation

Jupiter Inlet Pelican

Sun Ducks

Grazing Flamingos*

Fledgling *

"You Talkin' to Me?"*

Canada Geese/Cherokee Lake

How Sweet It Is*

Painted Bunting*

Pink Flamingos 2*

Red, White, Blue*

Time Out*

Wood Storks*


Domain of the Tri-colored Heron