Original oil paintings and art prints, featuring Florida and North Carolina scenes by professionally trained and experienced artist Linda Relis. Commission work, workshops and classes available.

Original oil painting of young Northern Cardinal

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

9" H x 12" W

Price on request.

(Orders and information: linda@relisart.com)

(Non-exclusive availability in Giclee is available on some original oils with the payment of a set-up fee, which varies by type and size of print.)



One of the most desirable backyard birds in North America, the Northern Cardinal is instantly recognizable. Northern cardinals are dimorphic, with male birds a brilliant red color all over that may be slightly duller on the wings. Males also have a black narrow facial mask around the eyes, bill and chin. Females are a buff golden tan with a red tinge to the wings and tail, and their facial mask is smaller and less distinct. Both genders have a prominent head crest.  

The oil painting above features a fledgling cardinal, painted in North Carolina in early spring.

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