Original oil paintings and art prints, featuring Florida and North Carolina scenes by professionally trained and experienced artist Linda Relis. Commission work, workshops and classes available.

Original oil painting of Painted Bunting

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

12" H x 9" W, Price on request.

(Orders and information: linda@relisart.com)

Painted Bunting

The Painted Bunting is a sparrow-sized member of the finch family with a gaudy combination of red, blue, and green feathers The male Painted Buntings are the most spectacularly colored of all North American songbirds. While not as brightly colored as males, female Painted Buntings are also distinctive, having an overall greenish plumage which is more darkly colored above than below. 

Painting a Painted Bunting is a treat and a chore. Their color paterns are so distinct, but they seem to never sit still.

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