Original oil paintings and art prints, featuring Florida and North Carolina scenes by professionally trained and experienced artist Linda Relis. Commission work, workshops and classes available.

Original oil painting of pink American Flamingoes

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

24" H x 36" W

Price on request.

(Orders and information: linda@relisart.com)

Available as a Notecard

(Non-exclusive availability in Giclee with the payment of a set-up fee, which varies by type and size of print.)

Pink Flamingos

The Flamingo is one of the most stereotypically familiar birds, perceived as an iconic specialty bird from exotic locales.  

The American flamingo is something of a hoax. It is indigenous to the islands of the Caribbean, from Haiti to Turks Island.  All this is not to say that there are no Pink Flamingos in Florida.  In fact, you will find several groups of them in the marshy waters outside of Miami.  Generally, however, experts believe that these flamingos are on the lamb from zoos or the pet trade.  

Whether the flamingos I see so rarely in the Florida wild are actually escaped zoo birds hardly matters to me. I'll take my flamingos however I can get them and be thankful for the privilege of seeing and being able to paint them.

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